Do More “Pakistan”.

We will emphasize Pakistan to bring speed in eradicating “terrorism” from their country.

In the National Protection diplomacy devised by Donald Trump, Pakistan is asked to “Do More” to make good relationships with Pakistan>

The diplomacy document issued by White House for National Protection consists on 68 pages.In the new diplomacy talking about the relationships with the Asian countries it is said that we will emphasize Pakistan to bring speed in the process of eradicating Terrorism from the country.If any country found having relationships with Terrorists it will not be able to make relationships with America.

America said that we want a strong and self dependent Afghanistan and a Pakistan which is not involved in making Afghanistan weak.

In new “American National Security Strategy” it is said that as security conditions gets better and Pakistan assures that it will help America in eradicating terrorism,America continues its trading with Pakistan.

America says the it has threats from the inner terrorists of Pakistan.

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