Miracle of Allah – PIA Baby Girl

A Woman gave birth to a baby Girl mid-air on PIA flight.

Since few years PIA is defamed for its poor services.But today the crew proved that they are not so bad as they are considered.    PIA flight PK-716 boarded from Madinah to Multan in which a Woman gave birth to a baby Girl mid-air.The woman had an emergency in the midway and the crew responded very well and helped in delivering the baby girl.All the passengers congratulated the couple for having the baby.
Miracles do not happen daily.The baby-girl is so cute looking.Many peoples criticized that why they allowed a women with medical emergency to travel,but the fact was that her visa was expired and she cannot stay there any longer according to the law of Saudi Arabia.But at the end every thing went safe and a little Miracle happened.
These are the pictures tweeted by the crew.The flight was diverted to Karachi due to bad weather but the passengers were taken to there original destination Multan by another flight PK-8330.


Same incident also happened in the past, when an Indian woman gave birth to a baby-boy at a height of 35,000 feet (said by the airline).

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